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Case-Mate Barely There Case for BlackBerry PlayBook

My first ever video review of the BlackBerry PlayBook Case-mate Barely there case! The video above is a quick summary of what the case has the offer and what I like about the case the most. Be nice to me!

The Look and Feel

I'm a big fan of the black matte look of the case. It keeps the back of the PlayBook consistent to its true nature. The backing makes the case a huge plus, as it is not too slippery when handling it. The device is obviously thicker but because of the thin nature of the PlayBook, it feels as if you weren't using the PlayBook with a case. What I love about the color is that it is not a shade off the PlayBook as well. It keeps the flow of the PlayBook to the case smooth. You know a case is a good case when you can't tell it has a case on; that's what you find here. Another big plus is using your blue PlayBook sleeve that came with your PlayBook as a case to cover the screen when it is not in use. Watch the video for a better look at how it looks on the PlayBook.


Now, if you are here to see if this case offers the best protection for your PlayBook, you might want to stop reading. I chose this case because it still offers some protection. It covers the top and bottom of the PlayBook, but leaves the left and right sides free. What I found irritating of having a naked PlayBook was putting it down on a dirty surface. From water spills, oil stains, crumbs, or dirt, I was getting sick of trying to evade these nuisances. I got this case for this very reason. With the matte backing, I could care less if it gets scratched or gets dirty. I can easily take the case off my PlayBook and clean the case. The only gripe about the case is the thin plastic that is above the connection ports and volume keys. It seems to be fragile but will give a little as long as you don't pull on them too hard.

The Price

This just keeps getting better and better. I ordered mine off Amazon.com (Thanks to Ryan from Berrryfication) for $12.99 US. With the original price set at $30, I had trouble forking over the money for a thin piece of plastic. Guess what? The price is now $11.75 and is eligible for free shipping (Over $25).


I would give this case a 9/10 for its great look, price, and the minimal protection is enough for my use. Because of the weak plastic that is above the connection ports and volume keys, I decided to deduct one mark. If your PlayBook usage is around the house, I would highly recommend this case even for everyday use! You can also make use of that sleeve you left under your bed as well.


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