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APP REVIEW - Periodic Table for BlackBerry 10

Periodic Table is a Native Built for BlackBerry Certified Application for the Z10. In order to maintain a BFB status, you must have your app compatible with all BB10 compatible devices within a certain amount of time, so Q10/Q5 users, stay tuned - it's coming.

Periodic Table is a Native Built for BlackBerry Certified Application

This app fulfills a very niche market, but it does it quite well. We were all very impressed at the amount of work that was put into this application, check out the video to see what we mean!


  • Table view: Scroll the table, get detailed information about each element by tapping the colored box
  • List view: Display all elements in a list, ordered by Name, Symbol, Group or Period
  • Search function: Search for name and symbol
  • Locate a specific element in table view.
  • Detailed information for each element with more than 28 parameters: Name, symbol, period, group, category, atomic weight, electron configuration, groundstate level, phase at STP, density, liquid density, melting point (in °C, °F and K), boiling point (in °C, °F and K), oxidation states, electronegativity, electron affinity, ionization energy, atomic radius, covalent radius, van der Waals radius, crystal structure, magnetic ordering, thermal conductivity, CAS number and discoverer. More parameters will be added soon.
  • Each detail view provides a direct link to Wikipedia for additional information. The Browser will be invoked automatically.

This App really shows what a great Native Application is capable of

The developer did a great job with this App. Developers who make niche Apps like this NEED support because without them, BlackBerry World would never be able to grow to the level that other competing platforms are currently at. The developer is a great guy and it's obvious that a lot of care has gone into developing this application. This App really shows what a great Native Application is capable of. Even if you can't think of an immediate use for this application, it's still worth the download, especially if you are an aspiring developer for BlackBerry 10.

More information/Download Periodic Table for BlackBerry 10 ($0.99)

Last modified onWednesday, 17 July 2013 16:32
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