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BlackBerry 10.2 SDK Goes Gold, What's New?

So the 10.2 SDK has gone gold today - What exactly does this mean? What has changed? How will this affect me? Who am I? If any of these questions are currently on your mind, read more to find out the answers!

Many new APIs such as:

  • BlackBerry HUB Integration
  • Headless/Background Applications
    • Do I need to be headless
    • Should I always run Long (Running Headless Apps)
    • Should I run on certain triggers (Trigger Based Headless Apps)
  • Cascades UI Framework Improvements
  • Geofencing and Mapping API improvements
  • Connections; USB, Wifi Direct, Miracast
    • 2nd Screens (When connected to HDMI or Miricast))
    • What displays are available Mirror vs Extent
  • Partnerships with Analytics API providers
  • More...
  • Lets take a step back for a second - A big list item here is the "Headless/Background Applications" one, and you may be asking yourself, "do I have access to this?" and if not, "how do I get access to this?"
For trigger based headless applications, yes, you have access to this out of the box. There is a process however for the "Long Running Headless Apps". You will have to be approved by BlackBerry to be given access to this powerful API, they don't want just anyone having access to their application running in the background at all times (for obvious reasons). Apply for Headless Here

Runtime Updates and Improvements

  • Android Runtime upgraded to Jelly Bean v4.2.2
  • Adobe AIR Runtime upgrading to v3.5
    • Stage3D support
    • Continued support for FlashBuilder and FDT
  • BlackBerry 10 is now an officially supported Apache Cordova platform
    • Bringing these updates to the WebWorks SDK Soon

Tooling/Asset Updates:

  • Many usability & speed enhancements for Momentics
  • Visual Studio Plug-in now in Open Source
  • Design assets for Prototyping, Icon assets
  • Bluetooth & Camera support in the Simulator

Signing Improvements

  • Link your signing key to your BlackBerry ID
  • Easy Setup/Renew/Restore lost key process

Lets go over that last bit again - The linking of your signing key to your BlackBerry ID account? WOOHOO!

Gone are the days of you losing your signing keys and being "out of luck" (said mildly). There will be a process to convert over to the new signing keys though, it will not be done in the background if you currently have signing keys.


  • Should I uninstall the BETA SDK before/after updating to the Gold release?
Yes, it is recommended to delete the BETA SDK before/after installing the Gold release. This is really not needed if upgrading from Gold release to Gold release though.
  • Is Miracast supported on the Z10?
No, the hardware is not available in the Z10, but it is available on the Q10, and will be available for every device released by BlackBerry in the future.

There are of course hundreds of other APIs available with this new 10.2 release, but this post was just meant to be a quick introduction to what the major changes in 10.2 are.

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