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Alex Bass

Alex Bass

I am an App developer that is very passionate about BlackBerry and founded the branding & online marketing company CyberBytes Inc. I am both invested in and an enthusiast of BlackBerry and can't wait to see them back on top.

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BlackBerry 10.2 SDK Goes Gold, What's New?

So the 10.2 SDK has gone gold today - What exactly does this mean? What has changed? How will this affect me? Who am I? If any of these questions are currently on your mind, read more to find out the answers!

APP REVIEW - Periodic Table for BlackBerry 10

Periodic Table is a Native Built for BlackBerry Certified Application for the Z10. In order to maintain a BFB status, you must have your app compatible with all BB10 compatible devices within a certain amount of time, so Q10/Q5 users, stay tuned - it's coming. This app fulfills a very niche market, but it does it quite well. We were all very impressed at the amount of work that was put into this application, check out the video to see what we mean!

GAME REVIEW - Super Hexagon for BlackBerry 10

Super Hexagon is a very creative and addicting game that has recently been brought over to the BlackBerry Z10/Q10/Q5. This game brings phenominal music with a very unique style of gameplay. If you have not yet purchased this game or at-least tried it out, then you are surely missing out. If you want a game that you can just pick up and play for a few seconds, all the way up to a few hours, then this is your game. This game defines the "pickup and play" style of mobile gaming and the developer deserves props for his amazing work.

APP REVIEW - Reddit In Motion for BlackBerry 10

Reddit In Motion, also available for the PlayBook, has been reworked from the ground up and brought over to the BlackBerry Z10/Q10/Q5. This Built for BlackBerry Certified reddit client brings with it a whole list of features. I will admit that it is not entirely as fully featured as some of the other competing clients on the platform, but what you are getting with this App is absolutely everything for free. That means no pesky in-App purchases or pay to unlock features, woohoo! What you see, is what you get.

The BlackBerry Developer Alpha C device with OS 10.1

As we wait for the much anticipated Q10 launch in the states, I figured it might be nice to do a little writeup to give my feelings of the Developer Alpha C as it is ultimately a Q10 aside from it's form factor.

So I was lucky enough to be one of 1,500 developers to receive the Developer Alpha C device and I must say that I really (REALLY) like it.

GAME REVIEW - Stunt Pear for BlackBerry 10

Stunt Pear for the PlayBook has been ported over to the BlackBerry Z10, bringing along with it 144 fun and challenging physics based puzzles. The game play is quite enjoyable and the game is the definition of a "pickup and play" type of game. If you have a free minute, play Stunt Pear. Need to kill an hour? Still, play Stunt Pear.

Hello OSBB, I'm Alex!

Hello World,

Yes, I went there! As any developer knows, ‘Hello World’ this is the best way to start off anything new. Oh, and speaking of new… I am pleased to officially be writing for! I am very excited about this opportunity and anxious to start bringing you guys some awesome news and reviews. I hope that you welcome me to the community with open arms!

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